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Surfing Season

Surf Season in Taitung is from Oct ~ Apr. The wave is so consistent that you can basically surf 2 sessions everyday with 4~6ft quality waves. There are rivermouth, beach break, reef break, point break, A frame running left or right that suits every level of surfing.

Typhoon Season

May ~ Sep is the small season mostly for beginners and longboarders, but whenever a typhoon comes from the South Pacific, there are plenty of 9~12ft epic barrelling waves to catch if you are in the right place at the right time.


From April until November, the water can reach up to 30C so you will be fine with board shorts. Just make sure you bring enough sunblock and wax.
During the Winter season, the water stays above 20C but you might need a 2/2 or 3/2 wetsuit to protect yourself from cold air as the air temperature dips to 15C. 

Going to Surf

It is about 70 km along the coast with 7 Main Breaks (and some secret spots), so you will need wheels for sure to get you from surf to surf. Renting a scooter or car will be your best solution.

There are no currency exchange in the area, only ATMs, so if you need to exchange currency, please do it at the international airport ( TPE/KHH )

Things to do

Aside from Surfing, There are many things to explore in the East coast, hiking trails, hot spring, sightseeing, and lots of delicious food. You can get more detail location info by simply using this Google map link.

To Get Here

From TPE airport

  1. By Flight: Take shuttle bus from TPE to TSA airport, and then take 1 hour flight from Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) to Taitung Airport (TTT), costs about NT$ 2000 per person. (Both airline only transfer surfboards under 2.0m )

  2. By Train: The fastest train from Taipei to Taitung takes about 3.5 hours, costs NT$ 783 per person. (Bringing surfboards on the train is not allowed)

  3. Transfer service: Transfer service from TPE to us takes about 7 hours, 350 km, cost about 8000 TWD one way, maximum 4 people with surfboard bags.


From KHH airport

  1. By Train: Take a taxi or MRT from the airport to Kaoshiung train station, then take train from Kaoshiung to Taitung, the fastest train takes about 2.5 hours, costs NT$ 351 per person. (Bringing surfboards on the train is not allowed)

  2. Transfer service: Transfer service from KHH to us takes about 4 hours, 200 km, cost about 4500 TWD one way, maximum 3 people with surfboard bags.

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